With over 50 years combined experience in
BHPH and Subprime Finance, our background
and expertise helps our clients develop and
implement strategic actions that will result in
sustainable, profitable and growing companies.


Portfolio Analysis: Delinquency Review, Static Pool Analysis, and Loss to Liquidation analysis. Identification of portfolio issues early enables better decisions regarding underwriting and collections.

Cash Flow Analysis and Projection: New funding, expansion or restructure, our analysis of the current business and projected changes will provide the right guidance to achieve stated goals.

Financial Statements: Review of statements for management or
lender needs, or preparation of financial statements. We provide understanding and insight into key items important to
both management and third parties.

Turnaround Management: We provide insight to help reverse your current situation. We evaluate the current status, recommend strategies, create plans, and identify resources.

Crisis Intervention
We provide the leadership your company needs to move forward. If a company’s situation moves from turnaround to
crisis, an IFA management professionalprovides senior-level interim support to stabilize the failing company.